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Top 5 B2C e-commerce players in China, Q1 2014

By Cindy L.

The Chinese B2C retail e-commerce market is highly concentrated. On average the top 2 players – Tmall.com and JD.com – account for over 65% of total sales. In the first quarter of 2014, Tmall.com continued to dominate the market – over half of B2C e-commerce transactions were conducted through its platform. JD.com remained the second largest player and experienced significant growth – gaining 5.8 percent market share during just three months. The other three players on the top 5 list were Vipshop.som, Tecent B2C, and Amazon.cn.

Chinese Online Retailers’ Sales as A Percentage of Total B2C Retail E-Commerce Sales,Q1 2014-Observer Solutions Blog

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