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The “She-Economy” Side of China E-commerce | Observer Intelligence
Welcome! Friday - Apr 19, 2019

The “She-Economy” Side of China E-commerce

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In China, the number of male online shoppers are more than female online shoppers. However, women are the ones really shaping the thriving Chinese e-commerce market.

They spend more, shop online more frequently. More importantly, many female e-shoppers view e-commerce as part of their lifestyle. They enjoy the fun of exploring and shopping online.

Chinese female consumers are spending more online than Chinese male consumers. In 2013, over 60% of Chinese online consumers spent more than 3,000 yuan on the Internet, with the majority of them being female. Particularly, women accounted for 60% of the online shoppers who spent more than 100,000 yuan last year. (See data below.)

A higher frequency of online shopping behavior among female consumers partly contributed to their greater overall consumption value. In 2013, over 30% of Chinese online consumers shopped online 40 times. Female consumers accounted for nearly 60% of these savvy e-commerce users.

Compared to male consumers, female e-shoppers also tend to view e-commerce as a fun way to entertain themselves and relax. Just as the Chinese meaning of Taobao – “searching for treasure”, many of them simply enjoy searching and browsing online without a clear shopping goal in mind.

Breakdown of Chinese Online Retail Spending By Gender - Observer Solutions Blog

Cindy Lin contributed to this post.

Originally published on Tech in Asia.

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