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JD.com and Alibaba Push Boundaries on Warehouse and Shipping, Tesla to Sell on Tmall…

China Ecommerce Weekly Breif-Obserevre Intelligence

Editing by Su Jun Lim


China’s JD.com Starts Operations in $1 Billion Warehouse, Land Push


JD.com launched its $1 billion expansion of warehouse and processing facilities in China, adding to the current 7 fulfillment centers and 97 warehouses in 39 cities, ahead of next month’s Singles’ Day shopping event. Last year, the online shopping event produced $1.6 billion sales.


Alibaba Joins Global Shipping Effort


Alibaba and China Shipping Group have jointly established an integrated platform to enhance the efficiency of international trade and launched a company called “Yihaitong”. In addition to expansion in South America by Alibaba and China Shipping, Chinese and Brazilian companies will benefit as well – especially when its integrated platform is fully operational.


Alibaba’s Alipay Launches A Groundbreaking Concierge Service For Global Retailers


In an interview by Steve Forbes, Alipay U.S. chief Jingming Li explained that China Logistics Network’s system links the Chinese customs and logistics service provider warehouses for shipping and tracking packages accurately. Additionally, Li said that even though the core is mobile payments, Alipay provides additional services including marketing services, and many different ways to facilitate transactions between China and international merchants.


Tesla to Sell Cars on Tmall


Electric carmaker Tesla has opened a flagship online store on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform Tmall. It will start taking orders on Nov 11, the “11.11” shopping festival and China’s largest 24-hour online shopping promo. This is unprecedented as Tesla cars have only been sold via Tesla’s own website and stores thus far.


Alibaba’s Ma Said to Step Up Hollywood Content Push


Alibaba founder Jack Ma will meet with major Hollywood studios likely to seek deals for rights to distribute U.S. movies and TV shows at home, or invest in studio stakes. The film industry is an important part of Alibaba’s ecosystem and will become and important growth driver for Alibaba.

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