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Building an E-commerce Strategy in China

Starting an e-commerce business in China requires a lot more than translating a western website into Chinese or launching an e-store on a TMall shopping site. Chinese shoppers have different concerns and desires both in terms of product preferences and their ideal shopping experience. Observer Solutions’ founder Julia Q. Zhu talks about how to build the right e-commerce strategy in China and how to avoid costly mistakes made by Western brands in her recent Thoughtful China interview. Watch the video you will learn:

  • Why did major US companies like Neiman Marcus and eBay both fail in China?
  • What are the biggest challenges holding back western companies?
  • What are some of the key differences between Chinese online shoppers and those in the West?
  • Is it essential for luxury brands to have an online presence in China? If they aren’t online now, are they too late?

Click here to view the video from inside China.

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