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How Mobile Payment is Used in China’s Offline Businesses ——Case Study of Alibaba’s Alipay

China’s mobile commerce (m-commerce) sales is expected to increase 91.1% year-on-year and surpass 50 billion USD in 2014. As China’s e-commerce revolution is transitioning from computers to mobile in 2014, the use of mobile payment services and tools doesn’t just stop online, but is aggressively expanding offline. Alibaba’s mobile payment app Alipay Wallet along with Tencent’s multi-function messaging app WeChat are the major stars at this stage.

In this post, we will share with you the example of Alipay Wallet to showcase how these innovative mobile payment apps are being used in China’s offline businesses.

Case Study. Using Alipay Wallet to pay at convenience stores

As displayed in the picture below, Alipay Wallet’s face-to-face payment function(当面付) can generate a bar code that includes a user’s Alipay account information. When a user is ready to check out in a convenience store, all he needs to do is simply show the bar code to the cashier and complete the payment by scanning the bar code!

In addition to convenience stores, Alipay Wallet has already been adopted by thousands of other types of offline businesses including shopping malls, hotels and drug stores in mainland China. It has also been available in Hong Kong (For example,336 OK convenience stores, 90 Bonjour cosmetics stores and 10 Giordano apparel stores ), Taiwan, and will soon arrive in South Korea.

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