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How Chinese Use Internet: China Internet Usage Statistics 2013

ŸAccording to the latest data released from China Internet Network Information Center, instant message (such as Tencent-owned QQ, Wechat, Taobao-owned AliWangwang) remain the most popular online activity in China with 532.2 million users, which penetrated 86.2% of the total Chinese internet users.

ŸE-commerce-related activities including online shopping, travel reservations, group buying and online payment all experienced strong growth in 2013. Users of online shopping increased rapidly by 24.7%. Users of group buying and online travel reservations increased dramatically by 68.9% and 61.9% respectively along with a 17.9% increase of online payment users that reached 260.2 million.

How Chinese Use Internet-China Internet Usage Statistics 2013

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