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How Businesses Use WeChat to Win Chinese Consumers – Part 2. Coach: Simple ways to increase ‘brand stickiness’

In the last post, we described how YOOX uses WeChat to not only advertise, but sell and serve its Chinese customers. What are other interesting practices businesses are experimenting with in China to creatively blend social, mobile and commerce?

Case Study – Coach: Simple ways to increase ‘brand stickiness’ via WeChat 

Similar to the case of YOOX, Coach also uses WeChat to push out its latest products and news. It also sends out fashion guides and special offers to its followers. However, Coach has implemented several brand awareness strategies on WeChat that are definitely worth noting.

First, before Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year) Coach released the wallpaper below that spread virally across Chinese consumers’ phones. The wallpaper captures many of the symbolism associated with Spring Festival. For example, the Chinese character, 福 (fu) which translates to ‘luck and prosperity’, sits at the center of the wallpaper. Meanwhile, the color red is consistent with the Chinese New Year theme. However, Coach still subtly incorporates its well-known “C” logo design in the background. The timing of its release allowed for a viral campaign, spreading its branded wallpaper across WeChat’s user base.

Second, Coach developed a ‘lucky draw’ function on its WeChat account which encourages consumers to return to its WeChat page on a regular basis. By giving away prizes through the ‘lucky draw’ function, Chinese consumers want to keep going back for more. Since users of the app are regularly on WeChat, it’s very easy for them to quickly go to the Coach page and see if they win the lucky draw by tapping a single button.

Neither of these two approaches are particularly novel, but they demonstrate how Chinese consumers are willing to interact with brands on WeChat in a variety of ways – not all of which need to be highly complex. A simple ‘piece’ of viral wallpaper, or a giveaway set on a regular cadence are both two simple ways that Coach has been able to increase the ‘stickiness’ of its WeChat presence and encourage Chinese consumers to interact with its brand.

Case Study - Coach -2 Simple Ways to Use WeChat to Increase Brand Stickiness - Observer Intelligence

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