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How Businesses Use WeChat to Win Chinese Consumers – Part 1. Case Study of YOOX | Observer Intelligence
Welcome! Tuesday - Mar 26, 2019

How Businesses Use WeChat to Win Chinese Consumers – Part 1. Case Study of YOOX

In the last post, we noted that social media is more than just a way to stay ahead of the news and connect with your friends in China. While Western companies tend to focus on advertising via social media, Chinese firms use social platform for deeper customer engagement as mobile increasingly become a major avenue for Chinese consumers to assess internet.

WeChat (微信), China’s most popular mobile messaging app, with about 500 million users in China, has already become a handy tool for businesses in China to reach and engage with customers.

Italian fashion retailer Yoox recently launched an in-app store called “YOOX online concept store” (YOOX网络概念店) on WeChat. Yoox not only uses WeChat for advertising, which is typically how businesses use social media in the US, but the company also provides e-commerce and customer service directly in the WeChat app. Here is a visual tour of “Yoox online concept store” and how Yoox is using WeChat to advertise, sell and serve Chinese consumers.



As shown in picture one, the first tab on the bottom of YOOX’ s WeChat account interface is called Explore ( 探索). It allows its WeChat followers to learn about its brand story, receive the latest news and updates from its brand, and play a social game called “Shake the Style” . “Shake the Style” is a customized feature that allows a WeChat user to shake his/her phone to make different fashion matching inspirations that he/she can then share directly on social media, which in turn will promote YOOX’s brand awareness.



Shop (选购) is the second component of YOOX’ s WeChat account (as seen as the second tab on the bottom of the picture.) Its followers can browse and shop by “New arrivals” or “Lookbook” on the “Shop” tab menu. In addition, YOOX offers selected products as “exclusive deals” on WeChat to engage WeChat users. WeChat itself has integrated a payment function which allows users to complete payment directly within the app.


Providing instant services

The last tab in YOOX’s WeChat store is Service (独家), including instant live chat customer service and fashion consulting on every Friday, special offer codes and a general guide of its WeChat store (see picture 3). WeChat’s nature as an instant messaging app makes it a great tool for many businesses to provide customer service efficiently. Consider when a consumer need fashion advice about YOOX’s products, all he or she needs to do in WeChat is press a button and message and chat with YOOX’s online consultant just like chatting with his or her other WeChat friends.

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