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Haven’t heard about Alibaba’s 11 Main? Here is a quick tour


As Alibaba is gearing up for its IPO as early as August in the U.S. it is pushing deeper into the U.S. e-commerce market. It recently launched a new e-commerce portal tailored for American consumers call 11 Main. If you haven’t heard about 11 Main, here is a quick tour to learn more about the site:

1) 11 Main is positioned as a boutique e-commerce marketplace, aiming to replicate a small-town, Main Street shopping experience on the Internet.

2) It is currently open to online shoppers on an invitation-only basis. The site charges a 3.5% commission fee which is lower than eBay’s. No commission fee will be charged for selling printed books, DVDs and music.

3) 11 Main was formed by two of Alibaba Group’s wholly owned American subsidiaries, Vendio and Auctiva. It currently featured categories including Fashion & Style, Home & Outdoor, Jewelry & Watches, Baby & Kids, Collecting & Art, and Crafts, Hobbies & Toys.

Even though the site is trying to create a distinct shopping experience from existing players in the U.S. it could be challenge for the site to be an instant success given Alibaba’s lack of experience in the U.S. market. The following quote for the WSJ shows others are skeptical as well:

“Still, a stylish website won’t make 11 Main stand out in the sophisticated universe of  online shopping in the U.S. There are already many popular design-conscious shopping sites like Etsy and Fab.com. When it comes to the sheer volume and selection of products, Amazon and eBay EBAY are far ahead.”

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