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China’s Retail M-Commerce Sales Increased 141.9% to 43.3 Billion Chinese Yuan in Q3 2013

China’s retail mobile commerce (m-commerce) sales reached 43.3 billion Chinese Yuan in Q3 2013, up 141.9% compared to the same number in Q3 2012. While this only accounted for 9.5% of total retail e-commerce sales made in Q3 2013, m-commerce is expected to keep on increasing rapidly given the popularization of smartphones among Chinese consumers and improving mobile payment security.

More importantly, m-commerce plays a strategic role in connecting e-tailors and Chinese digital consumers given its unlimited connectivity and accessibility. By constantly presenting products and brands to Chinese consumers via mobile devices during their free time (brand exposure over short time intervals like when consumers wait for a bus), m-commerce helps deepen a brand’s recognition as well as increases the chance of future purchasing behavior even if a consumer did not make a purchase the first time when she or he was exposed the the product/brand while browsing on his/her phone.

China’s Retail M-Commerce Sales increased 141.9%  to 43.3 Billion Chinese Yuan in Q3 2013

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