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China’s E-Commerce Sales to Reach $1 Trillion By 2019, WeChat Boycotts Alipay, JD Launches “French Mall”

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WeChat Boycotts Alipay as Tencent and Alibaba Clash


Tencent is disabling Alipay on WeChat in its battle with archival Alibaba for market share in online third-party payment services. The timing of the boycott suggests that Tencent is likely trying to cut out Alipay’s profit from WeChat’s online red envelope feature. The feature, offered during Chinese Lunar New Year, went viral following its rollout last year.


Amazon’s First Staffed College Campus Store Should Have Retailers Worried


Amazon has opened its first campus drop-off and pickup location in Purdue, offering students convenience, price competition, a healthy dose of school pride, and plans to expand to other campuses. Students can find books assigned to classes online and purchase Prime Campus-Eligible items that will be available for pickup in just one day.


In Your Face, Jack Ma: JD Launches “French Mall” to Push Its Authenticity Advantage


As Alibaba is criticized for featuring too many fake knock-off products, JD has pledged together with French government officials to “uphold the highest quality standards, with a focus on product authenticity”. JD’s newly launched “French Mall” is dedicated exclusively to sales of authentic imported French products.


E-Commerce Sales in China Will Reach $1 Trillion by 2019 Thanks to Mobile, Says Forrester


China became the world’s largest online retail market in 2013, with total sales reaching $307 billion. Forrester’s new report finds that China’s online spending, fueled by mobile apps and improving logistics networks, will reach $440 billion in 2014 and continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 19.9 percent yearly until reaching $1 trillion by 2019.


By Su Jun Lim. Editor: Luke Dodds

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