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China Online Shoppers surged to 302 millions by EOY 2013

In 2013, the number of Chinese online shoppers surged to reach 302 million – surpassing the total number of American online shoppers for the third consecutive year. The gap is only growing wider…

In the United States e-commerce penetration is leveling off, as nearly 90% of Internet users make purchases online. However, while China has more internet users than the US, there is significant room for growth — online shopping among total Chinese Internet users remains at relatively low levels, with only about 50% purchasing products online. With the rise of mobile commerce, a diverse range of payment methods and government support, Chinese Internet users will undoubtedly open both their real-world and online wallets to purchase their desired products online in record numbers.

Online Shoppers in China vs U.S.  2010-2013-observer intelligence

 Su-Jun Lim contributed to this post.

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