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China Approves Foreign Courier Firms, WeChat’s Lucky Money For Spring Festival

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China Approves Three New Foreign Courier Firms


The Chinese State Post Bureau has approved Yamato (China) Transport Co Ltd, OCS Overseas Courier Service (Shanghai) Co Ltd, and Kerry Logistics Co Ltd, as express parcel delivery booms in China due to a surge in e-commerce.


Smartphone Maker Xiaomi’s Web-Focused Strategy Produces 135% Growth in 2014


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun revealed that revenue grew 135% to 74.3 billion Yuan ($11.96 billion) in 2014 compared to 2013. Xiaomi is now the No. 1 smartphone manufacturer in China and No. 3 worldwide. It also ranks No. 3 in theInternet Retailer China 500. The company entered seven foreign Asian markets last year and plans to further expand into Russia, Brazil, and Mexico in 2015.


How Does 2015 Look for Alibaba?


After its successful $25 billion IPO in 2014, Alibaba seems poised for a similarly successful 2015. Alibaba’s revenue is expected to rise by 43% to around RMB 103.5 billion in 2015, while accelerating investments in international markets and cloud computing.


China Jo-Jo Drugstores Signed Strategic Service Agreement with Alipay To Provide Online Payment Service To Its Customers


China Jo-Jo Drugstores Inc. entered into an agreement with Alipay to offer online payment services for its customers. China Jo-Jo is a leading retail and wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. It has its own online and retail pharmacies and has some 300 million registered users.


The Digital Lucky Money Economy


WeChat sold its “lucky money” giving feature to the Spring Festival Gala shown on CCTV, one of China’s most watched TV shows. In the forthcoming Spring Festival Gala, viewers can use the Shake feature to receive Red Envelopes. The lucky money giving feature, which enables sending money to WeChat contacts and sharing the gift among multiple users in a chat group, was first launched by WeChat just before Spring Festival last year.

 By Su Jun Lim. Editor: Luke Dodds

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