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Are Chinese Consumers Ready to Make Big-Ticket Purchases Online?

China Ecommerce Case Study: 300 Smart Cars Sold Out Within 89 Minutes on JD.com, China Ecommerce, Luxury, Chinese Consumers, Online Shopping

Many Western retailors believe that Chinese consumers are not willing to purchase big-ticket items online. This is only partially true. Consumer habits are evolving quickly as more and more Chinese people adopt online shopping. Additionally, major e-retailors have finally surmounted traditional barriers to e-consumer trust, and now provide protections such as secure payment and after-sales service guarantees.

Chinese consumers have already demonstrated their willingness to make big-ticket purchases online.

Case Study: 300 Smart Cars Sold Out Within 89 Minutes on JD.com

On February 20th 2012, Chinese e-tailor JD.com (originally 360buy.com) partnered with Smart to launch an exclusive online flash sale for 300 limited edition Smart cars. The sale started at 10:00 a.m. By 11:29 a.m., all 300 Smart cars had been sold at a price of RMB 149,888 (approximately US 24,000) each, a rate of one car sold every 20 seconds.

This was not the first e-commerce success for China’s automotive industry. Online retailer Taobao has been successfully selling cars since 2010. Its website Tmall (Taobao mall) currently hosts flagship stores for nine auto brands, including Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet.

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