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Alibaba’s rival Tencent brings commerce to Wechat

China Ecommerce Weekly Breif-Obserevre Intelligence

Editing by Su-Jun Lim

Tencent brings commerce to Wechat


Huawei Technologies has incorporated Tencent’s WeChat as a main sales channel even though marketing products directly through WeChat is still an emerging business for its parent corporation, Tencent.


In China, women graduates spurn cap and gown for wedding dresses


Chinese college women choose to commemorate their graduation by being photographed in white tulle, instead of caps and gowns, making graduation season look more like wedding season. The wedding gown theme is so ubiquitous that even some male students have also started taking shots in white with veils, presumably as a joke.


Hugo Boss takes full control of stores in China and Macau


In a move to take control of its store network and improve its brand, Hugo Boss bought a 40 percent state in its joint venture in China and Macau from franchise partner Rainbow Group. Hugo Boss is seeking to consolidate its distribution activities in China and run its own stores instead of selling through partners; it saw a 16 percent increase in retail sales in the first quarter.



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