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Alibaba’s Alipay is Taking Thanksgiving, Black Friday to China

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Editing by Su Jun Lim


As Jack Ma Looks To IPO, Alipay is Taking Thanksgiving, Black Friday to China


After Singles Day, Alibaba wants Chinese consumers to shop on American on America’s traditional holidays, like Thanksgiving and Black Friday, using Alipay’s ePass program. Alipay is China’s most trusted and the world’s biggest mobile payment processor, with more than 800 million Chinese accounts.


Online Threat to China’s UnionPay Outweighs Foreign Card Rivals


Since China would soon open its credit card market to foreign players, China’s UnionPay would have to defend its near monopoly against Visa and MasterCard. However, the bigger threats may actually be the online payment providers such as Alipay. UnionPay is nonetheless putting up a fight by partnering with major airlines and teaming up with Samsung.


Tencent Launches Wechat Online Call


Tencent Holdings has launched a new software named Wechat contact list to enable free calls via Wechat accounts.


Alibaba Isn’t Alone: China’s JD Racks Up 14 Million Orders on Singles Day


JD, Which is Alibaba’s biggest competitor, announced that over 14 million orders containing some 35 million items were placed on Singles days on JD this year, which is some 120-percent increase from last year. JD did not reveal the dollar amount, but indicated that it beats last year’s record of US$1.6 billion.


Baidu Unit Announces Strategic Alliance with LightInTheBox


Baidu Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Dianxin, has entered into an agreement with LightInTheBox, a Beijing-based e-tailer that sells Chinese products to customers across 200 countries. LightInTheBox has agreed to place its ads inside Baidu Dianxin’s apps. The deal would increase Baidu’s ability to compete with Alibaba Holdings.


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