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Alibaba Tmall Blurs Line Between TV and Online Shopping Experience

Alibaba’s Tmall is bringing its top retailers to the forefront of China’s fashion industry. In a new television show, called “Muse Dress,”(女神的新衣) Tmall has come up with an innovative way to market the latest fashions to Chinese consumers. The show pairs six female stars with leading clothing designers to create new clothes. Unlike fashion shows in the West, winning designs go right to market via e-commerce. The star-designed items are auctioned off to four participating Tmall merchants during the programs. The Tmall merchant who wins the auction instantly begins selling preorders of the items on their Tmall store while the show is still airing. Chinese consumers can shop online, or using a custom app developed by the show.

tmall muse dress-observersolutions


What does this mean for businesses seeking to sell their products on Tmall?

The line between offline and online is getting increasingly blurred in China, and mobile commerce will only continue to merge the offline with the online. The example of “Muse Dress” demonstrates how this can go a step further when the shopping experience itself is merged with entertainment.

The show first aired on August 23 and has already become the most viewed entertainment show in all of China – its online reach on online video portal Youku Tudou has reached 21 million viewers. It will certainly be interesting to see what other online-offline e-commerce marketing channels emerge as a result of this show’s rapid success.

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