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Alibaba Teams up with Banks Offering Loans, Chinese Mobile Users Exceed PC users, Xiaomi’s Mi 4, Record High Chinese Consumer Confidence

China Ecommerce Weekly Breif-Obserevre Intelligence

Editing by Su-Jun Lim

Alibaba.com and 7 Big Chinese Banks Offering Loans to Small Exporters


Alibaba Group’s international wholesale trading website has partnered with seven Chinese banks to offer unsecured business loans to small exporters. Participating small businesses can borrow up to RMB 10 million ($1.61 million).


China has more people going online with a mobile device than a PC


There were 632 million Internet users in China at the end of June, which is up 2.3 percent from the end of last year, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). 83 percent access the internet via mobile devices while only 81 percent access it on PCs. Perhaps not surprisingly, mobile payments saw the fastest growth. However, not all internet activities were winners. Users of microblogs like Tencent Weibo fell for the second six-month period in a row by 1.9 percent.


Xiaomi Unveils Its New Flagship Smartphone, the Mi 4, with a Metal Frame


The Mi 4 which sports a metal frame, unveiled by Xiaomi, a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer and competitor of Samsung, is said to be the world’s fastest smartphone, but looks uncannily similar to the iPhone. Xiaomi seeks to expand beyond China, but sales outside of China will lag for the time being.


Nielsen: China’s Consumer Confidence Remains at Record High


According to a report by information services firm Nielsen, Chinese consumer confidence remains at record highs in the third quarter. Per capita spending continued to grow in the second quarter, perhaps due to higher incomes and China’s economic rebalancing.

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