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Alibaba Taps Chinese Diaspora, Taobao Promotes Farm Fresh E-Commerce, Yihaodian and WeChat… | Observer Intelligence
Welcome! Tuesday - Mar 26, 2019

Alibaba Taps Chinese Diaspora, Taobao Promotes Farm Fresh E-Commerce, Yihaodian and WeChat…

China Ecommerce Weekly Breif-Obserevre Intelligence

Editing by Su Jun Lim


Alibaba Taps Chinese Diaspora as Global Battle with Amazon Looms


Alibaba is following the Chinese diaspora, tapping into the market of some 50 million Chinese living overseas, as part of its international strategy to accelerate global expansion. People of Chinese decent and heritage outside of China are drawn by the competitive price and hard-to-find products, like Chinese cultural items, on Taobao Marketplace.


Who Needs Supermarkets? Taobao Promotes Farm Fresh E-Commerce


Alibaba Group-owned Taobao Marketplace is promoting and selling farm-fresh produce, including fruits, rice and seafood from nine Chinese provinces to consumers all over China. Taobao will also experiment with a food-tracking system that will let users trace the origins of select fruits and distribution process by QR code.


Alibaba Tops E-Commerce Sites in Russia As Well As China


AliExpress, Alibaba’s B2C platform for international shoppers, tops the chart for e-commerce site traffic in Russia. Some 20 million packages were shipped from Chinese merchants to Russian shoppers last year. Competitive prices, partnerships with Russian payment providers, and a buyer protection program are key factors to its success. In addition, AliExpress is expanding its partnership with the Russian and Chinese postal operators, as well as Pony Express, a major Russian delivery operator, to overcome slow shipment and security issues.


Yihaodian Follows Amazon into China’s Overseas Purchase Market


Yihaodian, a Chinese online grocery business and e-commerce giant, has launched its overseas purchasing services that is almost identical to Amazon’s, importing foreign goods with a bonded model to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone for stocking and delivering. According to PayPal, China’s overseas purchases reached 18 million with total transactions of 213.6 billion yuan (US$34.8 billion) in 2013; it is projected to reach 1 trillion yuan (US$163 billion) in 2018.


WeChat is Helping Apple Rack Up Bonus Points in China — But There’s A Catch


WeChat, which hosts iPhone apps and games made by other developers, is driving App Store revenue in China by driving app download and usage. All software sales on iPhone go through the App Store, where Apple will take 30 percent of the sales. However, Apple’s success is threatened by the uncertain regulatory environment in China. Apple’s Greater China revenues, which include Hong Kong and Taiwan, soared by 28 percent in April-June from last year to $5.9 billion.

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