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Alibaba History & Milestones

Alibaba History & Milestones

1999 Alibaba Group is officially established by its 18 founders, led by Jack Ma, working out of a Hangzhou apartment.
1999-2000 Alibaba Group raises US$25 million from Softbank, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, and other institutions.
2002 Alibaba.com becomes profitable.
2003 Consumer e-commerce website Taobao is founded, again in Jack Ma’s apartment.
Online payment system Alipay is launched.
2005 Alibaba Group forms a strategic partnership with Yahoo! Inc. and takes over the operation of China Yahoo!.
2006 Alibaba Group makes a strategic investment in Koubei.com.
2007 Internet-based business software company Alisoft is launched. (January)
Alibaba.com Limited lists on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. (November)
Alibaba Group launches Alimama, an online advertising exchange company. (November)
2008 Taobao Mall (currently known as Tmall.com), a dedicated B2C platform, is introduced to complement Taobao’s C2C marketplace. (April)
Koubei.com merges with China Yahoo! to form Yahoo! Koubei. (June)
Alimama is integrated with Taobao. (September)
Alibaba Group R&D Institute is established. (September)
2009 Alisoft merges with Alibaba Group R&D Institute. (July)
Alisoft’s Business Management Software division is injected into Alibaba.com. (August)
Koubei.com is injected into Taobao as part of the “Big Taobao” strategy, which positions Taobao as a one-stop e-commerce service provider to promote wider use of e-commerce among consumers. (August)
Alibaba Cloud Computing is established in conjunction with Alibaba Group’s 10th anniversary celebration. (September)
2010 Alibaba Group creates a cross-business team comprising senior managers from Taobao, Alipay, Alibaba Cloud Computing and China Yahoo! to execute a full-scale roll-out of the “Big Taobao” strategy. (March)
Alibaba Group announces that it will begin in 2010 to earmark 0.3 percent of annual revenues to fund efforts designed to spur environmental awareness and conservation in China and around the world. (May)
Taobao Mall launches a new independent web domain, Tmall.com. (November)
2011 Alibaba Group announces its plan to build a network of warehouses across China and, together with its partners, drive major investment in logistics development in the country. (January)
Alibaba Group reorganizes Taobao into three separate companies, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall.com and eTao, to capture the Chinese consumer e-commerce opportunities. (June)
2012 Tmall.com changes its Chinese name to strengthen its positioning as a source of high-quality, brand-name products. (January)
Alibaba.com delists from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. (June)
Alibaba Group upgrades its existing subsidiaries’ operations into one of the seven business groups: Alibaba International Business Operations, Alibaba Small Business Operations, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall.com, Juhuasuan, eTao and Alibaba Cloud Computing. (July)
Alibaba Group completes the initial repurchase of shares from Yahoo! and restructured its relationship with the latter. (September)
Taobao Marketplace and Tmall.com reach a combined GMV of RMB1 trillion for the period January to November 2012. (November)
2013 Alibaba Cloud Computing merges with HiChina. (January)
Alibaba Group is reorganized into 25 business units to better adapt to China’s fast-growing e-commerce environment. (January)
 Source: Alibaba.com

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