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Alibaba Dominates Mobile Commerce in Q2 2014

Alibaba dominated China’s mobile commerce landscape despite facing fierce competition from its rivals Tencent and JD. In Q2 2014, its Taobao and Tmall marketplaces accounted for 84.2% of total m-commerce transactions, while JD accounted for 5.3% of transaction share. Fashion flash sale e-tailor Vipshop came in third place, accounting for 2% of transaction share.

Ahead of Alibaba’s mega IPO that is speculated to be scheduled shortly after Labor Day in the US, the company just released great earnings results in its new filing with the SEC.  Alibaba’s revenue increased 46% to $2.54 billion compared to a year ago. Its net income nearly tripled to reach $1.99 billion.

Chinese Online Retailers’ Market Share of Mobile Commerce Transactions Q2 2014 - Observer Intelligence

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