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42% Growth in Mobile Commerce Means Big China Consumer Opportunity

China mobile-commerce

Businesses and marketers who are seeking to engage and influence Chinese consumers need to pay more attention to their presence on the mobile internet. This is because there are more Chinese accessing the internet through their mobile devices rather than on a desktop or laptop computer now.

The China Internet Network Information Center announced earlier this week that China’s internet users grew to 632 million by the end of H1 2014. Among them, 83.4% (527 million) went online via mobile while the same number for PC access was 80.9%.

Understanding how these internet users spend their time on mobile is key to best leverage the mobile channel to reach them.

First of all, mobile messaging apps have the highest penetration rate -87% – among China’s mobile Internet users. It is rising as an important tool for businesses to brand and market to Chinese consumers. For example, major messaging app WeChat had at least 230 million users in China by end of 2013. Western brands ranging from McDonalds to Coach not only use this tool to interact with followers but also use in-app e-store and customer service functionality. In 2013, China’s smartphone brand Xiaomi launched a campaign for its latest flagship phone via WeChat and sold 150,000 units in less than 10 minutes.

Shopping activities are also rapidly increasing on the mobile end. Users of mobile shopping increased by 42% to 205 million. Users of mobile end ‘group buying’ and travel reservations increased dramatically by 65.4% and 25.5% respectively .

In addition, usage of mobile payment also experienced significant growth by 63.4%. The significance of mobile payment tools is that they are not only being used for mobile-end shopping, but they are also changing Chinese consumers’ purchasing habits in the offline world given that more and more physical stores and point of sales accept this method of payment. You can see an case study here.

China Mobile Internet Usage Statistics, H1 2014 - Observer Solutions Blog

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